In any kind of litigation or legal process, preparation is everything. However, as well as gathering evidence to support your claim, preparation also starts with you choosing the right lawyer to work within the first place. This is why at Sattar Law Firm, we provide consultation service during which we will assess the merits of your claim and advise you in regard to the most effective course of legal action accordingly.

Confused by the process for lawyer consultations? Sattar Law Firm books many consultations for people that need to speak with family lawyers every week. Potential clients always have the same question, so we thought we would put together this question and answer.

You’re going the wrong way, let us show you the Right Way. The system for lawyer consultations is simple. You will first book a 15-minute free phone consultation with our intake team. These people are most often not lawyers, so don’t start asking complicated legal questions.

The purpose of the consultation is to get all your information, all the information about your case, make sure you can afford a lawyer, and find out which one of our lawyers are closest to you. Our law firm has many different law offices, and we will connect you to a lawyer:

Fits your budget
Is near you
Is available to help (sometimes lawyers go to court for weeks)
Does the area of law you need
If we can help you, you will book a meeting with a lawyer who will assist you with your case. You will need to bring ID and a credit card. They will explain the retainer agreement to you, and if you sign, they will begin to work on your case.